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Monday, August 2, 2010

Last Rolla Holla from Paraguay! 8-2-10


It is an INCREDIBLE but also overwhelming feeling to know that such a BIG change is so close, but is not quite yet here. Everything inside of me screams for me to prepare myself and organize myself for the future, but that still, small voice (sometimes aided by inspired counsels from friends and family) encourages me to keep my focus here and trust that everything back home will take care of itself. Of course, that comes with an understandable measure of preparation for needful things.

We’ve been practicing all of the things that I’ll be doing once I get home: I got some references from my beloved companion, Elder Lisonbee, for my next mission, and we’ve been practicing how I might approach a first phone call to a girl that I don’t know, but would like to take out.

Haha, we’ve even been practicing my homecoming talk and everything. I’m a little nervous and unsure about giving a whole talk in English, but I trust that the Spirit will help it to turn out well. It’s sure funny to see all of the Spanish words that just so naturally come out. We’ve been hitting each other every time we use Spanglish so that we can learn to just stick with one language.

We’ve just been having a blast, but still working hard. Five of our investigators made it to church, even though there was heavy rain. One of them, Marcelo, just has this incredible glow in his eyes and is also very talented. The other night he played us “Sweet Child of Mine” on the guitar and sang what HE thought he understood of the lyrics. It was pretty incredible. I’ll miss those experiences.

I also had an experience this week that I’d never had before. I was actually with my Office Grandson (as they say in the mission), who is the current Secretary (trained by the Secretary that I trained, haha), on a 4 day division. My companion had gone to Asuncion for a big training that ALL mission leaders took part in as part of some fundamental changes in Missionary Work from SLC. Well, since I’m old and going home, they decided to let me work the last few days of my mission.

Anyhow, as we ended the division, we had to do a bus exchange where I got off and another Elder got on. As we got to the meeting place, nobody was there. I looked around and didn’t know what to do since we can’t be alone. I called him and they were just leaving the house (the bus had arrived surprisingly fast). Well, about 10 miles later, after having tried to call the Assistants to the President (it was 1145 pm by this time), I decided to get off and catch the next bus back, and send the other Elder alone to Asuncion where he would meet up with my Office Grandson, Elder Adamson again. Well, when I got off the bus in a small Brazilian Colony, in the middle of Paraguay, alone, it was amazing the feeling of uncertainty. I waiting for about 30 minutes for a bus to come by and it never did. Well, I talked with 5 mildly drunk guys at a bar and one of them said he would take me to where I needed to go since he lived there. So, I went flying down this dark road on the back of a motorcycle and made it safely to my companion at that time. But wow, it was sure a different experience.

I received a letter from my Stake President and loved how he told me that I will be making the transition from Full Time Missionary to Full Time Disciple of Christ. I’m really not that interested in resting. I just want to be the most effective, helpful instrument that I can be in accomplishing my Father’s work for the rest of my life. See ya soon!

Elder McCarty

Last pictures sent 7/26/10

002 Baptism of Sara

003 Investigators we took to church Sunday

Me at the computer writing to you all!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Rolla Holla! Monday, 26 of July, 2010

Bom ba dum bum dum dum! Announcement: I’ll be reporting on august 8th in Kaysville at 11 AM. I might also talk in Orem, but I´ll let you all know.

Even up until the VERY end, or the twilight of my mission as my brother called it, the Lord is raining down His miracles. This week we met, taught, and baptized 18 year old Sara who has been prepared by her Father in Heaven. She attended church twice in a branch about 3 hours away and came to visit her member sister. We invited her to a fireside for youths, then to church, then to be baptized. She accepted the first two and decided to ask God to be sure about the last. The answers came line upon line, as they always do, and she came to know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, the Church of Jesus Christ is His true church in the earth today, that the Priesthood has been restored and finally, that one must be baptized and endure to the end to obtain salvation. What a journey.

We had planned for her to be baptized on Saturday, but then an obstacle came up, as they always do. There was trouble in the family and suddenly she and her sister had to travel hom to be with their parents. Yet her faith didn’t waver and she asked us to arrange for her baptism that very day. Her baptismal service was simple but a sweet, reassuring spirit was felt. We all knew that what she was doing was right and correct and approved by a loving Heavenly Father smiling down on her.An incredibly musically talented Elder Collura and I sang a special musical number, and she asked me to perform the baptism. She was smiling and almost glowing all throughout, but more than anything as she returned from the dressing room and we laid our hands upon her damp hair to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. Though she may live far from the church where she is from, she promised to read and pray every day, and do EVERYTHING she could to be in church every Sunday. What a beautiful experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

One lesson that we taught to her this week was on a division with an Elder Hopoate. This big, Tongan, full of heart Elder smilingly greeted her and we began to teach. We had planned to cover the Plan of Salvation and were amazed by her willingness to listen and desire to understand. It was the day after she had received her answer about the Book of Mormon. As we taught, a powerful example came to my mind. I knew that she was away from her family and that she would empathize with the feelings of being away from home. As I talked about all of you and how overjoyed I will be to see you again, I felt the spirit testify to me and THROUGH me to her, that our heavenly reunion will be a source of such great joy that we cannot even imagine. All we have to do are those 5 simple things that our Savior taught: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End.

As Elder Hopoate and I came out of the mission, we both exhaled and were just amazed at the spirit we felt. I’ll miss those experiences, but look forward to others that will make life just as sweet after the mission and forever. I love you all and look forward to being there with you soon!

Elder McCarty

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Rolla Holla! Monday, July 19, 2010

The time is a-tickin on. NO, of course I’m not trunky, or home-sick, etc…haha. Of course I can’t WAIT to see my family and friends and all of you. I just have one request: when I get there, I’m expecting some good solid hugs. Don’t rush it, family and friends. In fact, it’s better if you just let me determine the length of the first hug. You can let go as soon as I do…haha. Kind of joking but mostly serious.

Well, not a lot of time, but I LOVE THE MISSION. Today in District Meeting we had only a few minutes after accounting for our work and making plans to take the zone forward. We all closed our eyes and imagined ourselves back in our homes, on the couch, watching our favorite million dollar game show. We talked about all the ridiculous things that people will do win a million dollars (eat bugs, starve, fight with eachother, betray their best-friends, EVERYTHING). Then we asked them, if ALL you had to do to win a million dollars was to take 5 people to church, what would you do.

They came up with ALL kinds of crazy ideas: bringing people in off the streets. Asking EVERYBODY what is holding them back and what we can do so they can go. Promising them all kinds of blessings (the normal, spiritual ones, and even some material ones to help them bridge the gap from where they ARE to where we want them to be…like to take a picture with their family at the church and print it off and give it to them, since the Paraguayans LOVE to see pictures of themselves and their family). It was amazing to see the zone LIGHT on fire and think of EVERY idea under the sun, with which we covered the chalkboard, listing ALL of them. We had them write all of those ideas down.

Then, we had them draw a line under that list. We told them we would be taking 5 minutes to think about something else. I turned and erased everything on the board. We asked them, If you would do all that for a million dollars, if THAT was your reason, what would you do if you reason was this. We wrote up on the board: “Jesus Christ.” I sat down and we thought in silence. We asked if anybody had EVER in their mission thought of a list like that: of all the possible things to achieve a specific goal. Nobody raised their hands.

I think sometimes in life we lose sight of JUST how important it is what we are doing. I am FIRED up to do everything I can in these last two weeks to do it for HIM. I know that as I do, I will feel and hear those words at the end of my mission: Well done thou good and faithful servant. I hope you all think of your goals and ponder what would you do if you could win a million dollars, and then realize WHY you are really doing it. Have a great week!

Elder McCarty

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Rolla Holla! Monday, July 12, 2010

Our new President Madariaga is a great man. He reminds me of leaders I have had in the past that are just FULL of love and kindness, and clear in their vision of where they want to go. We had a leadership counsel with him, then interviews, then zone conferences. In a matter of 3 days he got to know every missionary in the mission, let them know about his expectations inspired them about his vision, and invited them to be united in purpose in order to achieve it.

Traveling to Asunción and back and then working like crazy to make up for the work we missed those 2 days, didn’t help the cold that had been lingering in my sinuses and throat for the past week. I’m hoping to be able to get over it today.

On Sunday, I was a little disappointed to see that Miriam stayed home from church sick, though Gustavo showed up early to meet with the Branch President about receiving the Priesthood. I was saddened again when Gustavo left before Sacrament Meeting because of a supposed emergency, of having to work to pay a debt on Monday. We went by yesterday night and stressed the importance of the sacrament. I had felt strongly about this as President Madariaga taught us to focus on ordinances, since they really are the purpose for the church’s existence and our service.

We explained to them that so many people go completely inactive just by thinking, “meh, it’s just once Sunday, what does it matter?” and lose their salvation by missing out on an ordinance that is as simple as taking a piece of bread and a cup of water from a tray to your mouth. Of course, we explained, the ordinance has a much deeper significance, which only makes it sadder when people chose not to do something so simple, yet with such grave consequences both immediately and eternally. I felt like they may have been thinking: “whoah, calm down Elder McCarty,” so I just expressed my love and told them how much I want them to be happy and together forever and that THIS is the way to do so.

We also met another pretty cool family this week, as we were visiting another inactive member. He took us to meet his neighbors and I saw the man practicing guitar. I told him I played and he asked me to teach him something. We just played and chatted for about 10 minutes as we got to know the family. We began a strong friendship and then explained what we do and how our message can help families. Marcio came to church yesterday and enjoyed it. I can tell that he felt something and we’re excited to keep teaching them. His wife promised us she’d go this week as well.

I’m pretty excited about the ward, because they’re doing activities on their own and getting some good visiting and teaching going. We had several more men in Elders Quorum and some great families are getting active again. There is no work more exciting than helping others to take the needed steps to find lasting happiness. I love you all!

Elder McCarty
Pics (sorry, bad picture week)

001 Me cutting cake at the wedding.

002 Elder Snow, Elder Brazier, and I, at the zone leader counsel. They committed me to go with them to an Iron Maiden concert when we all get back. Never been a big fan, don't really even know any of their songs, but I guess I'll have to get to know em.

003 Elder LIttle and I, long time friends from the mission. He's kind of crazy, but I love him. He comes home the change after me.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Rolla Holla! Monday, July 05, 2010

Gustavo and Miriam were converted and baptized. They are new creatures in Christ. They read daily together, mark their scriptures with their red pencil (or as they and the rest of our investigators call it, their “Fishing Pole,” for finding and pulling out those fishes of the Lord’s inspiration for them), and then share them with each other, where Miriam usually ends up explaining to Gustavo in Guarani since he is improving his Spanish. They arrive early to church, before any other member, even President Nunez and us, since we are always picking up investigators.

Their baptism was beautiful. The ward showed up in full force to support them and encourage them in their change. I love this work and feel like this family was a giant gift from God, and one of my most important challenges for these last weeks of my mission: prepare them for an eternity.

We had the baptism in the Sacrament Meeting room, moved to the baptismal font. A sweet spirit of willingness to follow God on Gustavo’s part, filled the room as he humbly smiled and his eyes glowed. It almost brings a tear to my eye to know these experiences will be coming, at least in some way to an end.

I am, however, SO grateful for friends and family that share their INVALUABLE experiences and to help me prepare my heart for this important change. My Mom helped me to be confident in the post-mission life, with her unwavering belief in me. My brother Drew helped me to feel satisfied and accomplished with the 2 years I have spent here in the mission. Other friends helped me to recognize that this is another change in an ever-changing life and to accept it as yet another call from the Lord. Thank you all. Don’t you worry, I will give it my all until the end,and will fall into your arms when I see you again! With love,

Elder McCarty


007 Here's me, looking pretty fly.

001 Here we are in our sweet red brick, Paraguayan original house, eatin some french toast. DEEELISH.
004 Elder Hopoate is a master of the Haka, as far as I can tell...and that's far. He's tryin to teach me, but I'm white.

008 We both like this pic, because we both look skinny, oh and because it's outside the Registro Civil where Gustavo and Miriam got married on Wednesady night befor their baptism.

009 Here we are at the baptism. Pte. Nunez did the baptism, hopefully it'll help him feel responsible for the family.

010 We had to twist their arm to get em to dance. But they did. ANd they KNOW how to dance.

011 Looks like so do I.

015 Today we had the first transferly Baller's Cup. We lost in triple overtime and had to hand over the cup (hand made by me and E Lisonbee).
018 So, we were good sports, and lifted the champions up so they could feel the joy. I think our area will have it locked down next change since I'm leaving and my bball skills are suffering a bit.

Top picture: 005 Here is me and Lisonbee practicing afterward. Got a case of fat face going on lately, so I'll be losing some weight.

Monday, June 28, 2010

THE ROLLA HOLLA! 28.Jun.2010

The journey of a mission seems to come full circle. As I re-read this letter, I’m amazed at how similar, yet importantly different it is from my thoughts on the plane ride to Paraguay.

I just don’t want it to end here. It CAN’T. The Lord has a brilliant array of opportunities, adventures, and missions of ever greater importance in store for me. But, I don’t want to leave any of this behind. The land, the people, the work, even just the man that I’ve become—I have 1 month to take it all in, trim it down and pack it into two 30 kilo bags carried by one worn out, but still restless missionary into a world of post card memories and day dreams on P-day.

As always, it stands true that my heavenly Father knows just where to send me to meet the people, the challenges, and the moments that are tailor fitted for my own personal joy and for the good for of the work. I’ve seen and continue seeing in a very real way how among the millions of people in the world—millions of seemingly spontaneous chain-reacting events—God orchestrates them into a soul-shaking symphony for the immortality and eternal life of man.

Miriam had been taught by the missionaries for about 6 months. She had received very special revelation from God that told her (a) that she needed to be baptized, and (b) that the man she was with was not meant to be her husband. Conflicted by those two counsels, she continued growing in testimony, saving money to prepare for marriage, a necessary step to obey the law of chastity and be baptized. Four times she saved the money and four times, unfortunate circumstances reduced her hard work to nothing: a sick child, a needy sister, or an unexpected but necessary trip to Asunciòn.

Seeing her burning testimony and love of the Book of Mormon, when I arrived here, we decided to raise something like Moroni’s standard of Liberty, but for Miriam’s soul. We went from house to house of the members, inviting them to help her in her cause. We strived to help her husband to change and to become a NEW man, so that she could obey the Lord’s counsel and marry, not THAT man, but a new, changed one.

The day arrived and we had the money needed. The plans were all in place. But, as if choreographed, 2 nights before the big day, the husband fell on his birthday after 3 months of not drinking, and hit Miriam, and was sent to jail. There he had an apparently life-changing experience and prayed his days away despite the ridicule of his cell mates. As he came out of jail several days later, he was still the same man, but he wanted to change. One week later he has kicked his before impossible vice of cigarettes, gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon and is prepared to marry Miriam and be baptized so that they can be confirmed together this Sunday. Every step in the series of events seemed unproductive, unlikely, or unwanted, but the end result is one converted family that came to church this week before any of the other members. It is amazing to see the hand of the Lord in His children`s lives.

Little Monica who was baptized last week came to church with only her 8 year old cousin, about 12 blocks. Conversion is a powerful thing.

I’ve been admittedly a little sad that I wouldn’t be able to have my final interview with President Wade. As I came to understand the importance of Priesthood Keys and the way they’ll be passed to the new President, I’m excited to see the change and to get to know President Madariaga from Argentina in my last change.

We happened to be in Asunción when this group of missionaries left, Elder Vail, a good friend was among them. Since we were in town, Pres Wade invited us to their farewell dinner and I had the chance to ask these 8 missionaries about the pearls from their interview with President Wade. Wow. The lord is really looking out for me.

Well, I love you all and wish you the best. See ya soon!

Elder McCarty


005 Changes with Elder Williamson, Dani and Rodrigo back from the office days. 011 My comp (E. Lisonbee) and I being dufusses pretending to teach
018 Trying to be a cool bridge pic, but really not that cool...failure.
Dutac THis one is me on top of a giant rock, holding the book of mormon, in case you couldn't tell. Shluta This is a cool half japanese family. When I get home, ask me to show you the video of the cutest little japanese girl singing of all time.

(Top Picture)
025 This on the other hand....EPIC. I mean, come on, look at those grass blades. Props to the Lison bizzle. (thats my companion)