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Coming home August 6th 2010!

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Last Rolla Holla from Paraguay! 8-2-10


It is an INCREDIBLE but also overwhelming feeling to know that such a BIG change is so close, but is not quite yet here. Everything inside of me screams for me to prepare myself and organize myself for the future, but that still, small voice (sometimes aided by inspired counsels from friends and family) encourages me to keep my focus here and trust that everything back home will take care of itself. Of course, that comes with an understandable measure of preparation for needful things.

We’ve been practicing all of the things that I’ll be doing once I get home: I got some references from my beloved companion, Elder Lisonbee, for my next mission, and we’ve been practicing how I might approach a first phone call to a girl that I don’t know, but would like to take out.

Haha, we’ve even been practicing my homecoming talk and everything. I’m a little nervous and unsure about giving a whole talk in English, but I trust that the Spirit will help it to turn out well. It’s sure funny to see all of the Spanish words that just so naturally come out. We’ve been hitting each other every time we use Spanglish so that we can learn to just stick with one language.

We’ve just been having a blast, but still working hard. Five of our investigators made it to church, even though there was heavy rain. One of them, Marcelo, just has this incredible glow in his eyes and is also very talented. The other night he played us “Sweet Child of Mine” on the guitar and sang what HE thought he understood of the lyrics. It was pretty incredible. I’ll miss those experiences.

I also had an experience this week that I’d never had before. I was actually with my Office Grandson (as they say in the mission), who is the current Secretary (trained by the Secretary that I trained, haha), on a 4 day division. My companion had gone to Asuncion for a big training that ALL mission leaders took part in as part of some fundamental changes in Missionary Work from SLC. Well, since I’m old and going home, they decided to let me work the last few days of my mission.

Anyhow, as we ended the division, we had to do a bus exchange where I got off and another Elder got on. As we got to the meeting place, nobody was there. I looked around and didn’t know what to do since we can’t be alone. I called him and they were just leaving the house (the bus had arrived surprisingly fast). Well, about 10 miles later, after having tried to call the Assistants to the President (it was 1145 pm by this time), I decided to get off and catch the next bus back, and send the other Elder alone to Asuncion where he would meet up with my Office Grandson, Elder Adamson again. Well, when I got off the bus in a small Brazilian Colony, in the middle of Paraguay, alone, it was amazing the feeling of uncertainty. I waiting for about 30 minutes for a bus to come by and it never did. Well, I talked with 5 mildly drunk guys at a bar and one of them said he would take me to where I needed to go since he lived there. So, I went flying down this dark road on the back of a motorcycle and made it safely to my companion at that time. But wow, it was sure a different experience.

I received a letter from my Stake President and loved how he told me that I will be making the transition from Full Time Missionary to Full Time Disciple of Christ. I’m really not that interested in resting. I just want to be the most effective, helpful instrument that I can be in accomplishing my Father’s work for the rest of my life. See ya soon!

Elder McCarty

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